NG70 Defender

NG70 Defender

The NG70 Defender is ideal for pumpers and operators with wells producing less than 100 MCF/day. It is a single stage, rotary screw compressor combined with a Kohler engine on a skid mounted platform.

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The NG70 Defender is optimized for wells producing less than 100 MCF/day. Our units are portable and lightweight, which makes the NG70 Defender the perfect solution for the single wellhead applications. Our units are designed to meet and exceed all Federal, EPA, State, and Local regulatory requirements.

The NG70 Defender allows you to increase recovery on older low pressure, marginal gas wells. As wells deplete, liquid loading problems often result in dramatic production losses. The Optimum compressor can help unload down-hole fluids and increase better maintained gas production. Our gas compressors are engineered around our rotary screw gas compressor that is simple to install, operate, and maintain. The field usage on the NG70 Defender is 1.9 MCF/day.


  • KOHLER Natural Gas Engine
  • Single Stage, Rotary Screw Compressor
  • Stainless Steel Hoses/Tubing
  • Full Flow Compressor Oil Filter
  • Compressor Oil Thermal By-Pass Valve
  • Compressor Separation Receiver Tank
  • Inlet Gas Scrubber with Filter Element
  • Compressor Oil Cooler
  • Heavy Duty Skid Frame with Environmental Containment Pan
  • Rust Resistant Electrostatic Powder Paint


Optimum Compression Solutions

At Optimum Compression, we understand the pressure that pumpers and operators face. We are based out of the San Juan Basin, in Aztec, New Mexico. With 24,000 producing wells making 100 mcf/d or less populating the San Juan Basin, our founders recognized an opportunity and worked together to create a low-cost compression unit that could extend the economic viability of wells. With service and operator perspectives, Optimum is an efficient organization that provides quality, low-cost compression products for pumpers and operators.

Our Focus

We designed ‘plug and play’ compressor packages to provide low cost compression to generate value for our customers. Our units have been field tested in extreme conditions to ensure they perform for our pumpers and operators. We are constantly evolving our product line and are currently working on electric powered units, solar powered units, and solutions for Vapor Recovery Units.

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