Our compressors will have a distinct competitive advantage over the compressor units that are currently being used to service low volume gas wells across the San Juan Basin and the country.

Utilizing a partnership with an American owned compressor company, we have been able to develop a complete “plug and play” compressor package including the engine and the control panel, at a fraction of the cost of traditional wellhead compressors. Currently, the natural gas industry is struggling through a decade of depressed commodity prices and is continually seeking ways to lower operating costs and extend the life of the wells. Compression cost, either rented or purchased, is one of the major costs associated with producing natural gas.

Comparisons of our packages versus traditional packages are:

  • NG5 Series – sales price $20,000 vs. traditional package of $30,000
  • NG7 Series – sales price $24,000 vs. traditional package of $35,000
  • NG15 Series – sales price $35,000 vs. traditional package of $50,000

Preventative maintenances for the compressors costs are significantly less than a traditional package. For example, the NG5 series has a monthly maintenance cost of $35 versus $500 for a traditional package.

Additional benefits are provided to the operator because these reliable “plug and play” units can be put on wells with marginal economics and return these wells to production.  The average cost to a T&A well is $35,000 to perform a semiannually conducted MIT test. The average cost to P&A a well would cost between $30,000 and $85,000 depending on location reclamation. These compressor packages can extend the life of marginal wells while capturing natural resources that would be lost forever if the wells were plugged and abandoned.