Optimum Compression Solutions formed in 2018 as a limited liability company in Farmington, NM. With 24,000 producing wells making 100 mcf/d or less populating the San Juan Basin, the founders recognized an opportunity and worked together to create a low-cost compression unit that could extend the economic viability of wells. Each unit compresses in low volume gas applications in a cost-efficient manner.

The Optimum Compression Solutions team brings together over 100 years of industry experience. With team members Tim Montoya, Lee Danner, and Mike Coley heading up Manufacturing and Operations, Optimum Compression has an experienced and diligent team in charge of its product development and service. West Hahn brings over three decades of industry experience to Marketing and Business Development.

With service and operator perspectives, Optimum is an efficient organization that provides quality, low-cost compression products for pumpers and operators.