At Optimum Compression, we understand the pressure that pumpers and operators face. We are based out of the San Juan Basin, in Aztec, New Mexico. With 25,000 wells producing 90 mcf/d or less populating the San Juan Basin, our founders recognized an opportunity and worked together to create a low-cost compression unit that could extend the economic viability of wells. We have since extended our reach to include the Piceance and Uinta basins, with plans to grow to other basins in the future.

Our compression solutions improve well economics by deferring plugging, temporary abandonment, or extended shut in periods. This allows additional natural resources to be captured and utilized as clean energy.

Our ‘plug and play’ compressor packages provide low cost compression to generate value for our customers. In addition to a low up front cost, the units are designed to allow the pumpers and operators to perform monthly maintenance at a low cost. We collaborated with Walsh Engineering & Production and Utah Gas Corporation to field test our units in extreme operating conditions. To improve the reliability of the units, we partnered with BOSS Engineered Systems, an industry leader in air and gas compression.

We are constantly evolving our product line and are currently working on electrical and solar powered units. Additionally, we can provide solutions for Vapor Recovery Units. We are happy to customize packages, please contact us to discuss your specific compression needs.

We stand by the integrity of our units. We utilize BOSS and Kohler components in select compressor units. In order to keep our units running at their best, we have created detailed maintenance and service plans. Each unit is designed to utilize ‘plug and play’ components so our customers can keep each unit running optimally at a low cost.

Please contact us for full warranty and maintenance information on our units, BOSS compressors, and Kohler Engines.

With service and operator perspectives, Optimum is an efficient organization that provides quality, low-cost compression products for pumpers and operators. Optimum Compression Solutions formed in 2018 as a limited liability company in Farmington, NM. Our team brings together over 100 years of industry experience.

Tim Montoya, Mike Coley, and Lee Danner head up Manufacturing and Operations, which ensures Optimum Compression has an experienced and diligent team in charge of its product development and service. West Hahn brings over three decades of industry experience to Marketing and Business Development, allowing our compressors to move into areas that benefit low volume natural gas producers.

Transform Low Volume Natural Gas Producers

Built by pumpers for pumpers, our vision is to transform the economics of low volume natural gas producers in the San Juan Basin and beyond. Please contact us to discuss your compression needs.

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